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AkzoNobel - Launching the colour of the year

20 November 2017

AkzoNobel wanted to excite and empower consumers in their home decorating decisions, while also establishing themselves as the colour expert...


Our team building trek

10 November 2017

You might have gotten an eerie feeling walking into the MSL office this Halloween. A distinct lack of animated chatter, a metaphorical tumbl...


The focus of global healthcare communication: Exploring marketing strategies

23 August 2017

Gone are the days of global marketing strategies primarily focusing on Western Europe’s ‘Big 5’ and North America, when a ‘one-size- fits-al...


Local marketing in a globalised world

25 July 2017

The last 20 years has seen a significant shift in the focus of global healthcare communications.


How to optimise your careers site with evergreen content

27 June 2017

Evergreen content might last a lifetime, but it still needs constant attention and this is why.


5 reasons your business should hire an ex-professional sportsperson

21 June 2017

Can you imagine hiring someone to work for you having watched them on TV or from the terraces playing sport at the highest level?


Employee Advocacy – the modern day BBQ sell?

19 April 2017

Employee Advocacy always reminds me of the recruitment marketing tissue session opener – the BBQ test: “If you were at a BBQ (or dinner part...


SXSW 2017 - 3 Insights From The Interactive Track

13 April 2017

Navigating through the hundreds of speaker sessions, tech exhibits and VR experiences at SXSW is no easy feat. SXSW provides the platform to...


MSL Celebrates One Year at 82 Baker Street

12 April 2017

So, it’s been a whole year since we packed up and left Whitfield Street for pastures new. Now, a year on at 82 Baker Street, a lot has chang...


MSL CEO Shares 11 Golden Rules To Achieving Profitability

27 March 2017

How can you increase your department’s, or your agency’s, profitability? It’s a question that all business owners battle with on a daily bas...