Creativity Matters

Creativity Matters

Last week Simon Cook, VP of Creative Excellence, from Cannes Lions came down to 82 Baker Street to give all the Publicis agencies the low down on why creativity matters and some findings from this year’s Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity.

The session began with Cook establishing the case for creativity – while a room full of agency bods probably didn’t need a hard sell on the benefits of creativity, we certainly felt vindicated by much of the research he presented which directly linked creativity and business results:

  • According to Cook, brands that won creativity awards were 11 times more successful than those who only won effectiveness awards. (The advertising industry tends to split into two camps when it comes to awards, Cannes Lions very firmly lead the way in the creativity stakes).
  • In 2016 the IPA released data from over 20 years which concludes that creatively awarded work is 12 times more efficient than non-awarded campaigns at driving market share growth. 
  • In James Hurman’s book, The Case for Creativity, he found that in 80% of Cannes Lions’ winners for Creative Marketer of the Year over the past 30 years, share price was at its highest in the period leading up to them winning the award. Not only this, but winners outperformed the market place at the same time by 3.5 times that of the stock market in general.
The Case for Creativity
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  • McDonald’s found that they received a 54% higher return on investment from creative award winning work than non-creatively awarded work.
  • The IPA estimates that just one in every 7,000 campaigns is creative enough to win a creative award.

Themes from 2018 Cannes Lions festival

Every year the team at Cannes Lions review all the sessions after the festival to establish three key themes. Here is what emerged from 2018 that creative marketers should think about in the year ahead:

1. Human/Humanity

This theme hasn’t been notably present for a number of years as brands have been distracted by data, digital and tech. But now more than ever marketers need to humanise their brands in order to connect with consumers and bring some equilibrium back to the industry.

2. Politics

Perhaps unsurprisingly this theme has reared its head after rumblings of it across content sessions in previous years. Brands can be seen as the new governments (just think about the work Patagonia, Spotify and Burger King are currently doing). Brands have an opportunity to be the purveyors of truth. There were also strong political themes across much of the work entered into the awards.

3. Experience

We all know we need to create experiences to engage with customers in new ways. But now we need to get to them faster than ever before. This is especially true in the retail environment. Brands that can create experiences that link to ecommerce will be on the front foot. In fact, retail brands have had a record year in Cannes Lion wins in 2018 and the festival has now added an Ecommerce Lion to reward creativity in this field.



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Head of Marketing

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