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Looking beyond the Brexit blind spot

06 November 2019

Remember life before Brexit? It takes quite a bit of effort to recall, but there was a time when public debate wasn’t dominated by our relat...


A successful week for MSL, with three award wins

29 October 2019

In one triumphant week, we scooped up three awards for our work with Heathrow, Landsec and Renault from two prestigious award bodies.


Three simple steps to make your communications more inclusive

02 October 2019

As marketing and communications professionals, we’re increasingly expected to be conscious of diversity and to represent a broad range of pe...


Influencer marketing only dies if brands fail to protect it

26 September 2019

Influencer marketing has become a gold-rush with many companies trying to stake their claim. Which, given the value of the opportunity, make...


Unlocking hidden value from reporting

20 September 2019

Last week, alongside colleagues from SalterBaxter, we discussed the merits of annual reporting at the Evolution of the Annual Report Confere...


Join MSL at PR Week’s Influencer Marketing Breakfast Briefing

17 September 2019

What does the future hold for influencer marketing? Find out at PR Week’s Breakfast Briefing on 17th September, Regents Street Cinema, Londo...


Event: The evolution of the annual report

13 September 2019

Join MSL and Salterbaxter at Communicate Magazine’s Evolution of the Annual Report 2019 conference on 13th September, 1-5pm at etc venues, S...


The growing thirst of the health-conscious drinker

27 August 2019

When I started working in agencies 10 years ago, everyone wanted to work with a booze brand. I remember a particularly embarrassing episode ...


MSL supports 'Get It Right' consumer education campaign

20 August 2019

Get It Right (From A Genuine Site) – the consumer education initiative that engages fans in new and exciting ways to encourage them to value...


Campaignable reporting and reputational resilience

16 August 2019

Why campaign to improve reputational resilience? Because it is often the biggest risk you face. And, perhaps surprisingly a world where repu...